Get 20% Off Fortnite Standard, Deluxe Founder’s Packs This Week, 25% Off With Plus

September 14, 2017Written by Chandler Wood

Fortnite sale

If you’ve been holding off an joining everyone playing until there’s a Fortnite sale, maybe this discount on the early access packs will catch your interest. Over on Twitter, Epic Games announced that the Fortnite Standard and Deluxe Founder’s Packs will be 25% off of their standard price.

If you aren’t a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then the PlayStation Store shows only a 20% discount on each pack, bringing the Standard Pack from $39.99 down to $31.99, and seeing the Deluxe Pack drop from $59.99 to $47.99. PS Plus members will get that extra 5% discount, making the Standard only $29.99 and setting Deluxe at $44.99.

Our impressions of Fortnite may help you decide if you want to jump in or not, especially at these new lower price points.

While there are a few rough edges that make it clear why Fortnite isn’t officially releasing until next year, I’ve had a really great time with the inventive shooter so far. I’m rarely someone that gets into a loot grind, but Epic does such a great job at constantly broadening the game experience that I’m always excited to unlock something new in-between missions. I’m not sure that I can fully recommend dropping nearly $40 just to play the game early (and get a bevy of bonus unlocks), but it won’t be a wasted purchase as long as enough friends are down to play it together.

Looking at the broadening game experience, Epic just announced the impending release of a 100-player PVP battle mode for Fortnite called Battle Royale. The new mode officially releases on September 26, though through the 18th, players can get an early taste of the massive PVP arena through the public test realm. Do you plan on picking up Fortnite at it’s newly discounted price this week?