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Combative Trivia PS4 Game Knowledge is Power Releases in October

Wish Studios kicked off Sony’s PlayLink initiative (PlayStation 4 games that are played with mobile phones) with That’s You! and their second title is coming in October. Described as a “combative trivia” game, Knowledge is Power will release October 24. In it players will impact their opponent’s screens in a manner of ways so they can’t answer the trivia without playing a small mini-game first.

Here’s how Sony describes the upcoming trivia game:

You like Trivia? We call this a “combative” trivia game, wrapped in a sparkling, shiny package.

From Wish Studios (the same developers of That’s You!), we invite you to test your brainpower inside the Pyramid with more than 5000 questions as well as targeting on your rivals with “Power Plays.” Using your phone or tablet, freeze your opponents’ touch screen so they have to smash through the ice to get to the answer or slime their screens with green gloop so they have to wipe it clean to see the answers. It’s not how smart you are; it’s how dirty you play!

For more on their previous PlayLink release, check out our That’s You! review:

I really enjoyed my time with Wish Studios’ debut PlayLink title. That’s You! has an incredibly slick presentation filled with some fantastic sets that go with the questions being asked, and a likable narrator (although one not nearly as charming as You Don’t Know Jack‘s Cookie Masterson). I wish it wasn’t so much of a hassle to get into matches (both locally and online), but the game attempts to justify its app by offering a bare-bones mobile-only mode (that has players doodling on selfies) and the ability to add their own questions to the mix. These are nice ideas, but they aren’t worth the barrier to entry.

After playing That’s You!, I’m really looking forward to what PlayLink will have to offer in the future. Sony really has the potential to create some fantastic games going forward, and Wish Studios have created a game that’ll join my social rotation (as long as I can convince my friends to download the app). It’s a great proof of concept as to why mobile and console gaming can complement each other, and don’t always need to be separated.

Knowledge is Power releases October 24 on PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]