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LawBreakers Patch 1.4 Brings Huge Changes to How Health Works

The latest patch for LawBreakers, which will bring the game to version 1.4, will be releasing tomorrow (September 21) for PlayStation 4 and PC. This patch is a big one, and will bring an increase of health for all characters around the board. Boss Key hopes this health increase will have players looking at the respawn screen less and playing the actual game more.

Here’s the information about the health increase:

The main goal this patch is to increase average lifespans across the board, as we’ve found that many of our players are spending significantly more time staring at a respawn screen than we’d like.

Here’s what we’re doing to address this:

  • Health was increased for every role.

  • We now have health regen after an out of combat delay for all roles.

  • A group spawning system was implemented (you spawn with teammates more often instead of solo)

Here’s what we’re hoping to achieve with these changes:

  • Extend the combat dance and create more interesting decisions about when commit to a fight or retreat to safety.
  • Reduce the overall amount of insta-gibs.
  • Provide more incentive to use abilities and combos in order to finish a fight.
  • Health regen on all roles is about letting teams without a Battle Medic have a chance, who previously had too much of an impact on the outcome of a match.
    • We were careful here not to adjust regen values too high, we want to preserve the viability of both Battle Medic and Harrier as excellent support roles.
  • Health regen on all roles actually keep players in combat LONGER, which we’ve seen has been a positive change during internal testing. It increases players amount of action and fun rather than having them retreat to a health station.

There are other new additions, too:

  • New Map – Namsan!

  • New Feature – Daily login rewards!

    • Earn 50 Creds the first time you log on to LawBreakers for the day.

  • New Feature – Team spawning logic in all modes!

  • New Feature – More matchmaking options!

    • Players will now have the following options to queue for:

      • Objectives – Play matches in all of the current objective-based modes.

      • *NEW* Skirmish  – Team Deathmatch is now playable as our first limited time mode!

      • Quick Match  – Search for matches in both Skirmish and Objective to find the fastest one.

        • NOTE: Quick Match queues you in both Objective and Skirmish Modes to find the fastest match. Once a match is found, you stay in that queue (either Objective or Skirmish) until you leave.

There’s a ton more to read at the LawBreakers official site.

Are you hoping the health increases will make LawBreakers better?

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