Square Enix Says Nier: Automata Performed Above Expectations, Has Strong Potential As a Franchise

Whenever conversation comes up about what could be 2017’s Game of the Year, Nier: Automata enters that conversation every time without fail. What’s been amazing to see is this game break out of being a niche release and become a critical and financial success. Square Enix reported early today that Nier: Automata broke two million sales, and is currently 36% off on the PlayStation Store in celebration. Those Nier: Automata sales numbers seem to bode well for the future of the franchise.

Rumors surfaced recently of a job listing that hints at a sequel to Nier: Automata, and the Square Enix annual report that published today seems to back the possibility that we’ll see a follow up.

“NieR:Automata,” which we released in February 2017, has proven a global hit far in excess of our expectations. It has not only reminded the world of the high quality of Japanese games, but also demonstrated significant potential for future franchise development.

Our review of Nier: Automata highlights it as a “delectable buffet of remarkable experiences,” and I would be sincerely surprised if it doesn’t fight hard for our Game of the Year this year.

Nier: Automata is a delectable buffet of remarkable experiences that seamlessly and beautifully mesh together. In spite its plethora of elements, the game doesn’t suffer from the sometimes inevitable pitfalls of trying to do too much. This new entry into the series improves on what made the original so great while remedying some of its predecessor’s most glaring weaknesses. PlatinumGames has done an excellent job at taking Yoko Taro’s deep and interesting world and giving it an amazing gameplay experience that fits it perfectly. Fans of the original as well as newcomers to the series will undoubtedly appreciate what Nier: Automata has to offer.

Are you happy to see the niche series from Platinum Games and Yoko Taro getting the attention and success it deserves?

[Source: Square Enix]