VR Needs More Competition to Thrive, Says Sony’s Andrew House

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Chief Executive, Andrew House, has said that there needs be more competition in the virtual reality market for the technology to thrive. According to Reuters, he expressed his discomfort at Sony being the market leader by a wide margin, stating that VR needs more variety to capture a larger audience.

“I‘m not entirely comfortable being the market leader in VR by such a margin that seems to be happening right now,” he said. “With such a brand new category you want a variety of platforms all doing well to create that rising tide and create the audience.”

According to a report published by International Data Corporation (IDC) earlier this month, demand for PlayStation VR remains “unmatched” among rivals. By the end of Q2 2017, Sony held 24.4 percent market share, just behind Samsung (which is currently number one with 26.7 percent market share). IDC’s report states:

Demand for Sony’s PSVR remained unmatched amongst the top tier of tethered headsets. The launch of Farpoint along with the VR aim controller combined with some sustained demand for Resident Evil 7 boded well for Sony. Outside of gaming, Sony is also working on bringing other experiences to the VR platform by partnering with Hollywood creators. 

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[Source: Reuters, IDC]