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Gameumentary: The Story of Perception Out Next Month

Gameumentary has recently concluded a successful Kickstarter, and it seems that the team is ready to release their second documentary. The Story of Perception will be out October 5, as announced on the Gameumentary Twitter. That’s next Thursday, so that’s a pretty quick turnaround!

Here is the tweet announcing the date:

Here’s a little more information from the Gameumentary Kickstarter page:

The final release date for The Story of Perception, barring no issues over the next week, will be October 5th, 2017. The documentary will be released exclusively through Destructoid’s YouTube channel, with all the extended content staying on our channel. Oh, and it’s not exactly a short doc anymore either…it’ll be around 50 minutes in length.

Interested? While you wait, check out our interview with Nick Calandra about the project:

PSLS: These documentaries really humanize the creators. There’s a lot of toxicity online, do you feel like these types of documentaries can really show the human side to these games?

NC: Certainly. When you write online people like to assume a tone, and sometimes people might take something aggressive when it’s not. So, putting these people on camera and giving them their time to explain their passion and how they develop their games, it definitely adds a personal touch to it. You get a more personal connection with them than you would messaging them on Twitter.

The Story of Perception will release on October 5.

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Disclosure: The author of this post contributed to the Gameumentary Kickstarter.