A Look Back at the Best PS1 Commercials (Part One)

While we are all focused on the future and what games are set to come out, it’s nice to also look back at the games of yesteryear and remember fondly about great gaming experiences. This isn’t a post about the games themselves, but more importantly, the commercials that persuaded many of us to check out each individual game. Commercials now are great, but they lack that certain innocence and humor of some of these real gems. Plus, these old school videos seemed to have more effort behind them, with more than just gameplay being used to sell the product.

Get ready for a blast from the past with these eight of the best PS1 commercials.

The Legend of Dragoon – 1999

Developer: SIE Japan Studio, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Crash Bandicoot – 1996

Developer: Naughty Dog

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Rayman – 1995

Developer: Ludimedia

Publisher: Ubi Soft

Pac-Man World – 1999

Developer: Namco

Publisher: Namco

The Emperor’s New Groove – 2000

Developer: Argonaut Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Spider-Man – 2000

Developer: Neversoft

Publisher: Activision

Jersey Devil – 1997

Developer: Megatoon Studios

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Suikoden – 1995

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

Publisher: Konami

What do you think? Kind of cool to take a trip back to your youth (although, now I feel really old). Look for part two in the coming days, with some great ones like Jet Moto 2, WWF Smackdown, and several other surprises. Let us know in the comments what you thought of the commercials, and if any of them convinced you to try out their respective games all those many moons ago!