Media Molecule Talks About the Tech Behind Dreams

It’s been a while since we’ve received an update on Dreams, the latest title from Media Molecule. However, Alex Evans – the co-founder and technical director of Media Molecules – took to Twitter to describe some of the technical hurdles that the development team has faced when trying to create Dreams.

According to Evans, a while ago the team stumbled on a tech breakthrough when they tried to make the entire code for the game one single project file in order to avoid minor problems inside the game’s engine.

A while back we stumbled on making entire dreams game code 1 simple vcproj, with everything just included as source. Only prebuilt dependency is PS4 SDK; 3rd party source included in [project] is Dear IMGUI plus a few single file [libraries].

Every previous project I’ve worked on (including earlier iterations of Dreams) has had various ‘engine’ [libraries], non-vendored 3rd party dependencies & its just constant minor friction in the IDE/tools. So much better as one single big [project].

We haven’t heard much on Dreams, with the last thing being that the beta for the anticipated title has been pushed back until some time this year. The company is seemingly keeping things under wraps, and we will update you with any future information. More news could be on the horizon soon, though, as it would make a lot of sense that Media Molecule’s latest project would show up at Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 press conference.

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[Source: Twitter]