Destiny 2 Update Out Now, Here Are the Patch Notes

After this morning’s maintenance finished and the Tower was redecorated to honor Dead Orbit’s win, Destiny 2 update went live to do a little bit of housekeeping now that we are nearing one month of the game being out. A number of issues have been fixed, including one that should make it easier for players that are members of a clan to level up by earning properly powered clan engrams as rewards for Trials of the Nine and Raid completions by other members of the clan.

One of the biggest changes is an adjustment to respawns in Crucible so that players won’t respawn into a dangerous situation that will likely end up with a quick death. This is an issue I have personally run into a number of times in Crucible combat, so I’m interested to see how much these bad respawns have been decreased. Here are the Destiny 2 update patch notes. The one with more post-launch housekeeping.


  • Fixed an issue in which players could lose access to the Veteran’s Transmat Effect by deleting characters
  • Fixed an issue in which clan engrams would grant Trials of the Nine and raid rewards at only 10 Power
  • Fixed an issue in which the action button on Faction Rallies emblems displayed Discard instead of Store
  • Fixed an issue in which progress for the Exotic Quest Step “His Highness’s Seal” was not incrementing properly
  • Fixed an issue in which raid milestones would not show for some players after the weekly reset (This didn’t affect any raid rewards)
  • Fixed an issue in which players could enter a state where they are continuously killed if they finish a raid encounter at the exact moment of failure
  • Added invisible physics and kill volumes to keep players inside the intended playable area on the following maps:
    • Eternity
    • Altar of Flame
    • Emperor’s Respite
    • Legion’s Gulch
    • Javelin-4
    • The Dead Cliffs
  • Added invisible physics to all stairs in The Dead Cliffs to allow grenades to bounce properly
  • Adjusted spawning system values to reduce the frequency of players respawning into dangerous situations on all maps

What do you think of the changes in this update? What else do you want to see changed, added, or fixed in a future Destiny 2 update?

[Source: Bungie]