Dead Orbit Wins the First Destiny 2 Faction Rally, Winners Get a Scout Rifle

The first Destiny 2 Faction Rally winner has been announced, with Dead Orbit taking the crown as Guardians rallied to the cause of Arach Jalaal and his band of merry space goths. The Tower is now decorated with Dead Orbit banners, and players can pick up the Dead Orbit scout rifle from Arach Jalaal in the hangar area. If you pledged to Dead Orbit, the weapon will cost 1,000 glimmer, but players who didn’t ally with Dead Orbit will be forced to fork over 50,000 to buy it. Bungie revealed the winner on their Twitter earlier today.

It looks like Faction Rallies will be a semi-regular event in Destiny 2, though Bungie still hasn’t set a time frame on when we can expect these events to come up. If it’s like other week long events, such as Iron Banner, we’ll be seeing Faction Rallies return to the Tower at least once a month.

It’s now October, which means that the September roadmap we got from Bungie is complete. Many players are expecting this week’s This Week at Bungie post to highlight activities coming up for October, including the Prestige mode of the Raid and Iron Banner. If they follow trends of the previous Destiny experience, we can also expect the Tower to be decorated in honor of the Festival of the Lost, a seasonal event that comes to Destiny around Halloween each year.

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