New Friday the 13th Emotes Teased, Available Friday

We’re closing in on Friday the 13th, and with that in mind, the developers behind Friday the 13th: The Game have released a trailer showcasing new emotes that players can buy starting on Friday.

The “Premium Emote Party Pack 1” drops on Friday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for $1.99, and contains 10 all new emotes for every counselor. This won’t be the last update to the game before Friday, as the developers have already announced that a new map and version of Jason would release on Friday. For more information on the emotes, check out below:

Our first premium emote pack featuring 10 all new emotes for every counselor! Express yourself through dance, show your fear and resignation as Jason comes to get you and be who you want to be with our new emotes!

For those who haven’t yet, make sure to check out our review of the game:

Friday the 13th: The Game shouldn’t have been released in the sad state it currently is in. From glitches that make players invincible to terrible matchmaking that had me waiting over 10 minutes to get into a room, it’s putting it nicely to call the end product a mess. It’s really heartbreaking to see since there are still positives that manage to shine through if one can look past the galling lack of polish. The core gameplay, when it works properly, can be fun when played with friends, and there are some refreshing ideas underneath the jank. Several months from now it may become the multiplayer hit it strives to be, but right now it’s an embarrassing release that can’t be recommended.

Friday the 13th: The Game is now available.