Cities: Skylines Snowfall DLC Announced for PS4, Season Pass Detailed

It was announced today that Cities: Skylines DLC is on the way to PlayStation 4. Winter will kick off inside the game on November 14, and the new Snowfall expansion will be a part of the game’s new Season Pass worth of content. The Season Pass will be comprised of seven pieces of Cities: Skylines DLC, and will be included as part of a new “Premium Edition.”

Here’s how Paradox described the Snowfall expansion (description via PlayStation Blog):

The season kicks off with Snowfall, which will add a weather system to the game, plus Winter-themed towns where you’ll need to plow the streets and pipe in heating to keep your residents warm at night. Oh, and streetcars — a personal favorite of ours at Paradox!

Here’s the full list of seven add-ons that the Cities: Skylines Season Pass will include:

  • Snowfall (full expansion)
  • Natural Disasters (full expansion)
  • Mass Transit (full expansion)
  • High Tech Buildings (content creator pack)
  • Art Deco (content creator pack)
  • Relaxation Station (radio station DLC)
  • Rock City Radio (radio station DLC)

For more on the simulation title, check out our Cities: Sklines review. Here’s what reviewer Jowi Girard-Meli had to say:

Cities: Skylines is an impressively-detailed simulation, to be sure, and it’s a lot of fun once you start to get things up and running, with the caveat that getting it up and running is a lot easier said than done. This is not a casual game by any stretch of the imagination, and given how complex many of the mechanics are, it’s pretty ridiculous that the game doesn’t offer a more robust tutorial system. That led to a boatload of frustration early on for me, but to be fair, it also made things that much more rewarding once I got the hang of them. In the end, whether you prefer to whittle your hours away building the city of your dreams with unlimited resources, or chase down trophies as you build your way toward things more deliberately, I don’t think you’ll find a superior sim anywhere on PS4.

Snowfall, the first Cities: Skylines DLC, the Season Pass, and Premium Edition all release November 14 on PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]