Watch the Opening Trailer for School Girl/Zombie Hunter

A new School Girl/Zombie Hunter trailer has been released. Coming out November 17 for PlayStation 4, the action game is set in the Onechanbara universe, and supports multiplayer up to five players. The action is all about taking rid of zombies in various missions, and setting up traps.There are five playable characters in total, and the title will be available both digitally and physically.

Check out the opening School Girl/Zombie Hunter trailer below:

Here’s a list of features courtesy of Aksys Game:

Crush the Dead

Choose one of five heroines and deal out devastating levels of carnage to waves of zombies using a vast array of weapons, explosives, traps, and frilly underwear!. With enemies ranging from the fast and squishy to the strong and lumbering, you’ll need your wits (and a full array of heavy weaponry) to survive!

Tactical Fashion

Use various bits of clothing to lure, confuse, and destroy your enemies. Leave your uniform behind in order to execute a quick escape or drop your unmentionables on the ground to draw enemies together for a devastating ambush.

Squad Up With Friends

School Girl/Zombie Hunter’s online multiplayer modes allow for up to FIVE people to join together to take on the zombie hoards. Remember: the family that slays (zombies) together stays together!

A Horde of Single Player Content

In addition to a story mode, there are a plethora of different missions available to test your skills, nerves, and attachment to your clothes! Choose from Annihilation, Reach the Goal, Base Defense, Time Endurance, Cover Snipe, or Boss Defeat.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter releases November 17 for PlayStation 4.