New Battle Guides for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Teach You to Play

New battle guides for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT were released today, giving us some beginner tips on how to succeed as well as some more advanced techniques for players who are ready to master the game when it launches in January.

The guides serve to help teach players of all skill ranges to learn the game. From even the most basic skills, like targeting and how to dodge, to more extremely advanced stuff like step cancelling and summoning assist characters. For those looking to get an early upper hand on the mechanics of the game, you shouldn’t miss it. To see the full set of guides, head over to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT site and learn some combos.

In case you missed it, the upcoming fighting game recently confirmed that Cloud of Darkness, the iconic final boss of Final Fantasy III, will be a playable character:

Cloud of Darkness was one of the original Warriors of Chaos for the PSP version of Dissidia, and will be making her return to the series now. From the trailer (above), it looks like her fighting style is based heavily on magic and her tentacle strikes. She can dish out damage with both tentacles while also firing out dark projectiles at enemies.

For now, Cloud of Darkness will strictly be for the arcade version of Dissidia only, but there has been an announced PlayStation 4 port that will be released some time in January 2018. Make sure to stay tuned for any future updates.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is out now in arcades, and is slated to be coming to the PlayStation 4 in January 2018.

[Source: All Games Delta]