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PSVR Robot Battle Game Mini-Mech Mayhem Coming Out in 2018

The developers behind the the PSVR arcade racer Tiny Trax, Futurlab, has just announced that they will be working on a brand new PSVR game that will focus on robots battling each other, titled Mini-Mech Mayhem. According to a recent post over at the PlayStation Blog, the game puts players in the shoes of the “big buddy” and your Mini-Mech companion acts as your “little buddy”.

So far, no real details surrounding the game have been revealed, other than brief descriptions of how your MIni-Mech will work. From the sounds of it, your tiny robot friend will be an extension of you, which likely means you’ll be controlling the robot as it battles other AI creations. No word on a release date has been given, but Futurlabs did say the game is expected to release in 2018 and exclusively for the PSVR.

For more on the game, make sure to check out below, courtesy of PlayStation Blog:

Buddy cop relationship

Your Mini-Mech is full of enthusiasm, passion, and incredible power, but sometimes, amongst all the mayhem, loses sight of the big picture.

So, you’re there to guide your Mini-Mech buddy to success! Any mistakes made along the way can be chalked up as a learning experience, and over time you’ll trust each other, achieving many wonderful and utterly hilarious victories together!

Nurturing passion

Here’s the thing: we see Mini-Mech Mayhem as a metaphor for our studio. FuturLab is PlayStation’s little buddy, and we in turn play the role of big buddy to our staff.

Just as PlayStation cares about fostering our creativity, by helping us explore ideas, we foster the creativity in our team. We shield their passionate enthusiasm from the turbulent mayhem of the games industry, so they can create something they care about, at a pace of challenge that is manageable.

Mini-Mech Mayhem is slated for a 2018 release.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]