mini-mech mayhem teaser

Here’s a Kinda Funny Games Showcase Teaser Trailer for Mini-Mech Mayhem

Today, FuturLab announced that its PlayStation VR action title Mini-Mech Mayhem, which was announced just over a year ago, is about to see its first big reveal via a new trailer. This announcement also happens to be a part of the upcoming Kinda Funny Games Showcase, and event run by the ex-IGN YouTube/Podcast/Influencer crew as a sort of community alternative to PlayStation Experience.

Accompanying this announcement is a teaser trailer, which shows off a few of the Mini-Mech Mayhem characters, along with a character that seems like it could be a representation of the player.

Here is an official overview of Mini-Mech Mayhem:

“In Mini-Mech Mayhem, players will have to guide their Mini-Mech buddy, who is “full of enthusiasm, passion, and incredible power, but sometimes, amongst all the mayhem, loses sight of the big picture.” Mistakes will be made along the way, but over time you will learn to trust each other.”

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase 2018 event will take place on December 8, 2018, at 10:00 am PR/1:00 pm ET on the Kinda Funny Games Twitch channel. This event was created in response to Sony not holding a PlayStation Experience event in North America this year, and is intended to be a platform for titles that may have been relying on the more specialized event to get noticed by the PlayStation community.