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Here’s When the Kinda Funny Games E3 Showcase Will Be Held

Notable video game personality Greg Miller has announced the date and time for the upcoming Kinda Funny Games Showcase for E3 2019. It will take place on Monday, June 10th at 4:30 PM PDT (6:30 PM EST). It’s the second such showcase for the company, and the first to take place during E3.

Details on the event are still under wraps, and we don’t know what kinds of games we’ll see during the showcase. The first event took place at the end of 2018, and mostly featured indie studios. However, it did still feature some pretty notable announcements, including the Judgment Western release window and a release date for the third episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, among others.

The original showcase was originally formed as a way to make up for the lack of a PlayStation Experience in 2018, and E3 show comes in a year when Sony will be absent from the expo. Sony’s not the only company pulling out of E3 either, as EA also announced it won’t be present.

Kinda Funny is the latest company to date its E3 showcase. Square Enix recently announced that its E3 show will be taking the spot usually occupied by Sony. We also have times and dates for both Ubisoft and Bethesda, as well. The only conference we don’t have a date for is Devolver Digital, which hopefully we’ll find out soon.

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase will take place on June 10, 2019 at 4:30 PM PDT. What are you hoping to see from the showcase?  Let us know!