Square Enix Confirms E3 2019 Presence and Promises ‘Exciting’ Lineup

Even though EA and Sony won’t be at E3, Square Enix has just confirmed it will have a showing during this year’s event. Just like last year, its showcase will be done Nintendo Direct style (or State of Play). That is, instead of having a live press conference like many companies do, a live streamed video will be shown that will feature all of its new announcements.

This seems to be the way a lot of companies are doing things, since it’s likely way more cost efficient than organizing a live event. It’s also much easier to control the message through a carefully shot and edited video. According to a tweet from the Square Enix Twitter account, you can tune in here to catch their “exciting line up of titles!” The stream begins on June 10th at 6 pm PT.

There is probably a list of things the community would love to see. The one at the forefront of everyone’s minds? Final Fantasy VII. Now that Square Enix has wrapped up and shipped Kingdom Hearts III, presumably, the focus can be shifted to the remake of Final Fantasy VII, which was announced ages ago during E3 2015. Surely, the company has made enough progress on it to give us an update, right?

Aside from that, hopefully this year’s live stream has more content than last year. Many were left disappointed, due to its short length and arguable lack of content, so let’s cross our fingers for a more in-depth video.

Without EA and Sony, E3 will be quite interesting this year. It sort of gives the other companies more time to shine, but also increases the scrutiny, as there are fewer distractions. Although EA won’t have a press conference or be at the LA Convention center during the event, you can catch the company’s own EA Play event in Hollywood during E3.

Are there any games you hope Square Enix will show during its showcase? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]