Get Some Hot Tips Ahead of Spintires: MudRunner’s Release

Spintires: MudRunner will be releasing this Tuesday, and Saber Interactive has a bunch of tips for potential players on the PlayStation.Blog. Since MudRunner is an off-road type of driving game, there’s a lot of danger in getting stuck or falling off cliffs! These tips will help you make it through this tough terrain unscathed.

First, though, let’s take a look at the launch trailer:

The PlayStation.Blog has eight tips to get through MudRunner, we have a few of them below:

How not to get stuck

Getting stuck is a problem! To avoid it, you’ll need to master your gearbox. Know the difference between 1st Gear, 1+ and Reverse. 1+ works similarly to 1st gear, but gives a vehicle extra torque. Be careful though! Fall below the speed threshold, and you’ll stall your engine.

Make sure you throttle the accelerator carefully to avoid spinning your wheels, too! In Hardcore, differential lock isn’t available on automatic gearboxes, so changing gears manually is important to know!

Watch where you’re going

Not every surface in MudRunner is the same. Pay close attention to where you’re driving, as different surfaces vary in friction and in how solid they are. The darker the soil, the softer it is. Heavy vehicles benefit from their torque and large wheels there, but risk getting stuck deep. Lighter vehicles will want to stay away, and function better in rocky and dry environments.

Keep an eye on your fuel

Tasks can often turn from quick jobs into long missions, and nothing makes that more stressful than a vehicle running out of fuel. Make sure you pack enough fuel to complete your task, or your logging job will quickly turn into a rescue mission.

Spintires: MudRunner will release October 31 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]