LawBreakers Update 2.0.1 Increases the Frequency of Rare Rewards in Stash Drops

Cliff Bleszinski is nothing if not determined. Though LawBreakers hasn’t seen the kinds of numbers that similar character-based shooters have, Bleszinski believes there is a place in the market for his title and just wants to find the right way to get players playing. Meanwhile, the and the team at Boss Key are still busy updating the game with new maps, modes, features, and fixes to get the game ready for the day that the playerbase finally increases.

LawBreakers update 2.0.1 is coming tomorrow, October 31. While it doesn’t contain any major new content additions, it does feature a number of small fixes, including increasing the drop rate of advanced or better gear from stash drops. Boss Key notes that the client will need to be updated around 8 AM Pacific, which will require a restart. They anticipate potential service interruptions between 8 and 9 AM Pacific as the update is pushed live.

Here are the full update 2.0.1 patch notes for PS4:


  • Region selection now defaults to any region under 150ms ping, and saves changes made to it.

  • Team Death Match has been officially promoted into the regular quick match queue rotation!

    • Skirmish option has been removed until a new mode is ready.

  • Adjusted the drop rates in stash drops to grant more Advanced or better rarity items overall.



  • Group respawn timer increased 3 → 5s.

    • Was noted in Patch 2.0 notes, but was not actually applied.

  • Fixed an issue where people couldn’t queue in Boss Leagues if they were prestige’d and their level was less than 5.

  • Fixed issues with not being able to enter Boss Leagues as a party.

  • Fixed various other issues with Boss Leagues, UI, and added multiple crash fixes.

  • Fixed bronze rank icon not displaying.

  • Role lock icon now displays again.

  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the Boss Leagues Queue and unable to cancel.

Our review of LawBreakers was favorable, noting that it strikes a firm balance somewhere between Call of Duty and Overwatch styles of play.

In terms of exciting moments and fun, varied competitive combat, LawBreakers has a great lock on what makes players want to play, both from the fast-paced competitive side and the specialized character side. While it could do with more in the way of tutorials to teach players how to play, it does an excellent job of balancing each match to feel immediate and competitive, while also keeping the cadence that makes some of the slower multiplayer games more fun to play. It’s inexpensive launch price and promise never to tread the waters of microtransactions help to sell a game that is easy to pick up and fun to play, but has enough nuance to keep players coming back for a long time.

We’ll keep you updated on further LawBreakers updates as they are announced.

[Source: Boss Key]