New Game Oure Announced, Out Later Today

oure ps4

During the pre-stream for Sony’s Paris Games Week conference today, a brand new game called Oure (pronounced “Oh Ray) was revealed, and in a surprising twist, the game is actually going to be available later today on the PlayStation Store.

Just going off of the trailer (above) alone, the game obviously gives off some major Journey and Abzu vibes, with a lot of the gameplay shown featuring cinematic shots of the player traveling throughout the clouds. From the looks of it, the player will be able to transform into a fox-like creature as you make your way across the games world.

The game is being made by Heavy Spectrum Games, makers of Shadow of the Beast for the PlayStation 4, and while the game does look good, it’s also a bit of a shift for the company when going by their previous works.

For more on Oure, check out below courtesy of Heavy Spectrum Games:

Fly above the clouds as a graceful dragon in a beautiful adventure where a child proves that even the smallest amongst us can change the world.

A mysterious world, eight uniquely challenging titans to chase down and over a hundred increasingly intricate puzzles to solve, Oure offers an emotional adventure that will stay with you long after you have finished playing.

Oure is expected to launch sometime later today on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4.

Will you be picking up Oure when it launches later today? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.