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Marvel’s Iron Man VR Free Update Out Today, Introduces New Game Plus

Today, developer Camouflaj is rolling out Patch 1.06 for Marvel’s Iron Man VR. The free update will add a host of content, including new game modes such as New Game Plus. As with most patches, the latest update will also feature a variety of quality of life adjustments. Extra weapons and challenges are joining the experience, too.

First and foremost, New Game Plus and Ultimate Difficulty constitute Iron Man VR’s new game modes. The former will allow players to replay the adventure with all of their previously earned Research Points and Impulse Armor unlocks intact. Those who endured Invincible Difficulty may want to try their hand at the tougher Ultimate Difficulty.

Patch 1.06 also brings with it four new weapons. The Continuous Beam Repulsor will let Iron Man sustain a beam for several seconds at a time. Hardlight shields belonging to the Skull, Revenant, and Wight drones should prove easier to manage with the hero’s all-new EM Charge Cannon. Micro Swarm is an anti-swarm weapon that players can “fire-and-forget” when dealing with large groups of foes. Finally, the Gravity Bomb will trap enemies in a singularity, making them easy targets for Scatter Shot or Anti-Armor Missile attacks.

The free update additionally debuts several challenges, which unlock eight fresh Custom Armor Decos designed by Camouflaj’s Character Artist, Chris Foster. Those who may have missed the studio’s launch promotion will be pleased to learn that one of the eight suits is the Iron Patriot, previously exclusive to that promo.

In terms of the quality of life features, Patch 1.06 will improve load times and permit players to skip cinematics. Two Side Missions have also been made skippable via the globe menu. While hitting the “Skip Mission” option will mark each as complete, players must still actually play and finish them in order to unlock their respective trophies.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR launched in July for the PlayStation VR. Our review awarded the title an 8 out of 10, praising its storytelling efforts and replayability. The Tony Stark sections, however, left much to be desired, and loading times presented some issue as well.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]