Watch Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 PlayStation Press Conference Right Here

Sony is set to reveal numerous new things at the Paris Games Week conference this year, saying that there will be 21 announcements in the pre-show alone, which will include seven all-new reveals. What are you hoping Sony reveals in their media showcase?

The 2017 Sony Paris Games Week Press Conference is set to begin at 8 AM Pacific with a pre-show. The actual media showcase will start at 9 AM Pacific, and there will be a post-show follow up that will have additional details on many of announcements made during the press conference. You can watch the showcase live right here.

If you don’t want to watch the live stream, or just missed it, we’ll be bringing you all of the news out of Paris Games Week. Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as we cover every announcement made and any updates that come out of this European conference.


As we are just leading into the holiday season, there are a number of predictions that can be made about what Sony will announce. Just edging out Microsoft’s release of the Xbox One X, we’re expecting to see a price drop on both the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim to make them much more competitive in that market. There’s also a chance that PSVR will see somewhat of a price drop before the holiday shopping season gets into full swing.

As for games, expect to get a look at what some of Sony’s European based studios have been up to. Quantic Dream and Media Molecule are top of the list, with updates likely to come out regarding Detroit and Dreams respectively. We’ll also probably get a look at more VR support by Sony’s first and second party studios. Though it might be a long shot, I’m hoping for some updates to the PlayStation Plus service in some way.

As big as the 2017 Sony Paris Games Week conference is expected to be (it’s unusual for Sony to be hyping it so much just prior to the show), it’s surprising that they are holding this conference ahead of PlayStation Experience, which will undoubtedly have a number of big announcements for PlayStation gamers in early December. Whatever announcements are made at Paris Games Week, I would expect even bigger announcements to follow at PSX.

What predictions do you have for Sony’s media showcase at Paris Games Week this year?