Happy Manager Release Date Confirmed

D3 Publisher seems to have confirmed the final release date of their upcoming game Happy Manager in the latest Weekly Famitsu magazine, as reported by Ryokutya. This romance adventure game, which is exclusively coming out to PlayStation 4 in Japan, will be released on January 11, 2018.

Happy Manager is a dating game where the player assumes the role of manager of the Shiawase-sou manor which is being inhabited by three girls. The black-haired girl in the center is Sakurai Shizuka, a sophomore in a women’s college who didn’t have much experience on interacting with men. The brunette girl to the left is Tachibana Barbara Kristine, a high-schooler in her third year who has been mistaken for a pure foreigner when she is actually a half-Japanese. And the pink-haired girl to the right is Takeyama Himari, a university junior who has lived in the manor longer than others. The player will get to interact, and eventually even date, the girls while doing activities inside the manor in first-person view.

D3 Publisher has also recently posted a notification that although Happy Manager was originally planned to fully support PlayStation VR from the beginning, certain circumstances made it difficult to implement the feature within the deadline. So the VR support will be instead added through an update patch at a later date after the game has been released on January 11.

If you’re curious to see how Happy Manager looks like in action, you can watch the official trailer of the game right below.

[Source: Ryokutya]