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Watch the Ghost of Tsushima Trailer With Japanese Dub

If you missed the new game announcements from Paris Games Week earlier this week, one of the new games announced was Ghost of Tsushima, an open world samurai adventure game that is being developed by Sucker Punch of Sly Cooper and inFamous fame. This game takes place in the medieval-era Tsushima, which was invaded by the Mongol Empire in 1274. Being a game taking place in Japan, some people may have the question of “Will this game have Japanese dubs?”

And that question has been answered today. In their PlayStation Japan channel, Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia Japan has uploaded the Japanese version of Ghost of Tsushima‘s announcement trailer, which confirms that this PlayStation 4 game will be also released in Japan with actual Japanese voiceover.

We have also translated the full Japanese description for Ghost of Tsushima, as written in the Japanese PlayStation.Blog article:

The year is 1274. The Mongol Empire suddenly invaded Tsushima, which was brimming with people’s activities and had a wealthy nature. The beautiful island turned into a battlefield in one night, and the island’s garrison force quickly fell down in front of the overwhelming might of the Mongol army. The island was covered in flames and chaos, and the warriors were thought to have been annihilated. However, there was a “Samurai” who survived this battlefield.

The player will become this “Samurai”, and return once again to the battlefield, alone. Against the overwhelming enemy army, he abandons the honorable ways of fighting of the past, and becomes a “Ghost” in the battlefield. It’s all for the sake of freedom and victory.

However, we still do have one more question on whether the English release of Ghost of Tsushima will also have these authentic Japanese dubs or not. Unfortunately, we still do not have the answer to that question yet, so we will continue to follow up on the news for Japanese voiceovers in other region releases for Ghost of Tsushima.

[Source: PlayStation Japan]