New Information on Upcoming PS4 Game Erica Suggests It Won’t Be Very Long

Yesterday, Flavourworks announced Erica, a live-action experience for the PlayStation that allows players to control the action of the game with your smartphone, much like the PlayLink line of games.

Now, more information on the game is being released, and it seems as if the game will act more like a movie than it will a game. Speaking to DualShockers today, Jack Attridge – the Creative Director for the upcoming title – said that the team thought that a length similar to that of a feature film would work better, meaning the game will only last about 90 minutes to two hours.

According to Attridge, this length felt like a “really nice balance” for the team, and he also went on to describe the game as “very replayable,” which would almost definitely help offset a shorter experience. Judging from the talk, it seems as if the game might allow you to play through from various angles, letting you experience the story in different ways.

For more on the upcoming Erica, check out a brief description of the story for the game below:

Erica is a young woman dealing with a traumatic childhood experience that continues to haunt her into adulthood. An old family friend contacts Erica believing her memories may be key to identifying a killer on the loose. It’s not long before the killer attempts to contact Erica too. Caught between different versions of the truth, you must decide whom to trust and what to believe.

Currently, Erica has no release information, but we will update you with any future reveals.

[Source: DualShockers]