Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction Won’t Impact Rainbow Six Siege’s Player Base Because They’re ‘Very Different’ Games

Rainbow Six Extraction creative director Patrik Méthé has said that the upcoming title and Rainbow Six Siege are two “very different” games and he doesn’t foresee a scenario where having both games out in stores will impact each other’s player base.

Speaking to GameSpot, Méthé argued that Extraction and Siege both offer different challenges and different pacing, making them both wholly different experiences. He said:

They’re both very different games offering their own challenges and pacing so there’s no worry in that regard, quite the opposite in fact. The way [Extraction] is built in its PvE nature – we’re confident that it will appeal to a wide variety of players from both sides.

In addition, should Siege players decide to push [Extraction] to its maximum threat level, it will offer a high-octane challenge, on par – and even above – what they’re used to in Siege. It’ll be interesting to see how they cope with these advanced challenges. For newcomers to the Rainbow Six universe, Extraction offers an enjoyable tactical co-op experience where they’ll be able to push themselves to the limit and will have to improve their skills and abilities every time they play, to make mission success easier. Communication and teamwork will be even more essential for these players.

Rainbow Six Siege proved to be a huge hit for Ubisoft. It remains to be seen how Extraction fares later this year.

Rainbow Six Extraction will release on September 16th for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, PC, Stadia, and Luna.

[Source: GameSpot]