Square Enix is Cracking Down on Real Money Trading Accounts

Square Enix isn’t playing around, as they are banning Real Money Trading (or RMT) accounts on Final Fantasy XIV. For those out of the MMO gaming lingo loop, RMT accounts are pretty much as they sound: They’re accounts that trade in-game currency for real money. These accounts have a chance of ruining the in-game economy, so developers take these accounts very seriously. It’s good to see Square Enix knocking out some of these accounts, as they break the Terms of Service.

Square provided some numbers on the RMT accounts and other accounts with illicit activities being banned:

Time Period: Oct. 26, 2017 to Nov. 1, 2017

・Participation in RMT/illicit activity

・Accounts receiving permanent ban: 2,184

・Accounts receiving temporary ban: 16

・RMT Advertising

・Accounts receiving permanent ban: 3,726

They are really taking this seriously!

Square Enix also provides instructions if you see an RMT account:

Players who discover any confirmed cheats should, under no circumstances, exploit or disseminate such information. Instead, we ask that players file a report by using the in-game command [System Menu] -> [Support Desk] -> [Contact Us] -> [Report Cheating].

In addition, any witnessed RMT advertisement can be reported by right clicking the character name in the chat log and selecting the menu [Report] -> [Report RMT Activity].

The report will be processed automatically, and if determined to fall under RMT advertising, the reported character’s comments will be restricted.

Let’s hope that this pace keeps up. The less server wide spam messages trying to sell Gil, the better!

Have you seen a down tick in Real Money Trading accounts lately?

[Source: Square Enix]