Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies Guide – The Final Reich Full Walkthrough

Chandler Wood

The Final Reich is the first map in Sledgehammer’s dark Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies saga. Get ready for a lot of scares and a really tough fight ahead as you seek to find every Nazi Zombies Easter egg. For this iteration, Sledgehammer have made the game a little more accessible, offering a guided “casual” path and the more traditional hardcore secret Easter eggs that lead to the true ending. Neither one is going to be easy, so prepare for a challenge as you take down hordes of the undead and a mad Nazi doctor.

General Tips

How To Upgrade Weapons

Players may be familiar with the term “Pack-a-punch,” which was what previous Zombies modes called powering up weapons. In Nazi Zombies, it is simply called a weapon upgrade station.

After all three are activated and the cage is raised, you can upgrade your weapons for 5000 jolts. The price seems steep, but it is well worth it. Upgrading your weapons will give your gun a cool liquid metallic look.

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