Dishonored 2 Update 1.05 Out Now, View the Patch Notes

Dishonored 2 update 1.05 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The patch brings with it some major upgrades for the Xbox One X (and it’s about 10GB larger if you manage to get your hands on Microsoft’s new system) including 4K support. It’s not fully sure yet what’s all improved on the PlayStation 4 version of the stealth title.

Check out the Dishonored 2 update 1.05 patch notes below (note: Bethesda has only released the Xbox One X notes so far, so these might not all apply to the PS4 Pro version of the game):

  • Supports 4K Resolution
  • Enhanced features include:
    • Dynamic Resolution
    • Improved framerate stability
    • 4K textures
    • Improved geometry/draw distances
    • Improved anti-aliasing
    • Improved shadows quality

For more on the stealth action game, check out our Dishonored 2 review. Here’s what reviewer Paulmichael Contreras had to say about the game:

One area that felt a little weak is Dishonored 2‘s AI. Now, granted, AI is very hard to program. But I saw multiple instances during my time with the game where an enemy would come running at me, only to tumble down a few stairs. This then left them completely open to attack. It was unintentionally the funniest part of Dishonored 2. Despite these enemies’ utter clumsiness, they did have efficient and believable pathfinding skills. If I made enough noise while out on a balcony, an enemy in the street below would look up, and if I ducked out of the way, they would quickly go inside the building, run up the stairs, and then check out the area where they heard the disturbance — this would usually end up in their demise, because of course I laid a trap for them, but still, kudos to them for being smart enough to be able to find the way!

Dishonored 2 is going to keep stealth game fans busy for quite a while this holiday season. Every level is meticulously crafted, with more emphasis on verticality to enhance some of the new powers introduced. Additional hidden level goals are discovered organically, and while enemies can be hilariously clumsy, they are also adept pathfinders. With a nuanced story, two protagonists to play as, and multiple endings, Dishonored 2 begs, or rather, deserves to be played again and again.

Dishonored 2 is available now.

[Source: Bethesda]