Io Interactive Gives Update on Hitman Season Two, Says Game is Progressing

The Hitman – Game of the Year Edition is available now, and in a recent blog post over on Io-Interactive’s website, the company penned a letter to the community, thanking them for their dedication to them while also teasing some things to come in the future.

The entire letter – which you can find by heading to the IO website – is extremely worth the read and is a heartfelt tribute to the community that helped keep the studio going. However, towards the end, Hakan Abrak, the CEO of Io-Interactive, teased the next Hitman game by saying that they’re making “great progesss” on it but have no plans to talk about it “until some point in 2018.” While it’s upsetting we haven’t gotten any new information yet, it’s good to know that Io is working on the game and plans to have something to say sooner rather than later.

For an in-depth look at some of what’s in the Game of the Year Edition of Hitman, take a look below, and for even more information check out Io Interactive’s blog post:

New: Patient Zero Campaign

After the routine elimination of a target, a contingency plan to unleash a global pandemic is triggered and Agent 47 must race against the clock to prevent a virus from spreading. This four-mission campaign spans different locations in the game, each one re-worked from the original settings with new gameplay opportunities, disguises, characters, challenges, gameplay mechanics, AI behaviour and HUD elements. Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado and Hokkaido look and feel completely different with a new time of day and new custom music created by the composer for Season One, Niels Bye Nielsen.

New: Themed Escalation Contracts

There’s more! We’ve created a new Escalation Contract for each new weapon/suit combination. You’ll be dressing in each new suit and using each new weapon as you complete Escalation Contracts with some brand new complications based on some new gameplay mechanics. We’ve themed these new features with each suit to make for some unique experiences.

Each Escalation comes with a new starting location unique to that Contract and all of the Escalations are made up of 3-stages, so expect the challenge to ramp up quickly- one of the Escalations reaches 7 targets, something we’ve never done before in this game. Completing each Escalation Contract will unlock the corresponding weapon to be used in all locations across the entire game, which means that Clown Only, Striker Only runs are now possible and we can’t wait to see them!

The Hitman – Game of the Year Edition is available now.

[Source: Io Interactive]