hitman woa connor mcgregor

Conor McGregor is Agent 47’s Latest Target in Hitman World of Assassination

UFC fighter and occasional movie star Conor McGregor is in Agent 47’s sights as he becomes a celebrity Elusive Target in Hitman World of Assassination.

From today until July 29, 2024, Hitman players can attempt to take out the Irish warrior as he headlines the game’s Season of the Disruptor summer roadmap.

Hitman: The Disruptor trailer

McGregor joins actor Sean Bean in challenging Hitman players to kill them off. The outspoken brawler is a really interesting celebrity target. As an elusive Target, Hitman players will need to be careful, though. In an elusive Target mission, there’s just one shot at taking out McGregor, and with no saves, every move must be calculated.

IO Interactive promises this is an Elusive Target like no other. No doubt half the fun will be finding out why. It’s available to play for free during the time it’s active, so if you fancy dipping into Hitman just to see if you can take on a former UFC champion, here’s your chance.

There’s also a premium The Disruptor Pack, which contains some McGregor-themed goodies for 47, including a fancy fur coat outfit.

Alongside the high-profile target, IO Interactive has laid out its Summer plans for Hitman. There are fresh challenges, a new event, other elusive targets, curated contracts, and a Twitch exclusive purple briefcase to acquire.