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Only Hitman 2 Players Can Carry Progression Into Hitman 3, Launch Trailer Introduces a New World of Assassination

When Hitman 3 is released later this week, players will be able to play the entire World of Assassination trilogy within the game. Those who’ve already played Hitman 2 can carry their existing progression into the game. If you’ve only played Hitman and don’t own Hitman 2, you’re out of luck.

Hitman 2 players can carry over their player profile, XP rank, location mastery levels, location mastery unlocks, challenge progress, challenge unlocks and Elusive Target suits/unlocks. This includes any progress on legacy missions imported from Hitman. Progression must be transferred within the same family of consoles, so PS4 players can only import their progression to Hitman 3 on either PS4 or PS5. To do this, players need to set up an IOI Account and transfer their progression through a website set up specifically for this purpose, although the site isn’t live at the time of writing.

Hitman players can still import the game’s missions into Hitman 3, especially if they want to experience playing them in VR. This is done by downloading and installing the free Legacy Pack from the Hitman in-game store. Those wanting to import Hitman 2 content will also have to install that game. Hitman 3 will then be able to detect the installed content and offer free Access Passes to import the missions into the latest game. Players who don’t already own Hitman or Hitman 2 will be able to purchase an Access Pass to import the content into the game if they so choose. Those wanting to complete the trilogy’s trophy lists will definitely need to play every World of Assassination mission.

Those who are eagerly anticipating the game’s release in just two days’ time can sate their appetite with the new launch trailer. Here we get to see a new World of Assassination, taking us all around the game’s six new locations:

HITMAN 3 will be released on January 20. There are just two days left to pre-order the game on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5; doing so will give players the Trinity Pack that includes three extra outfits for Agent 47.

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