Hitman 3 Sandbox VR Trailer Completely Immerses Agent 47 in a Living, Breathing World

Hitman 3 will come with PlayStation VR compatibility for the entire World of Assassination Trilogy when it arrives on PlayStation 4 later this month. Developer IO Interactive has released a new trailer showing more gameplay footage of the VR compatibility in action.

Players have had complete freedom to carry out missions as they see fit throughout the recent trilogy. This will be exactly the same in VR, only this time players are meant to feel like they’re completely immersed in a living, breathing world. You’ll even be able to read a paper or take to the catwalk, anything to scope out a location before taking out your targets.

Those who already own Hitman and Hitman 2 on PS4 will be able to import those missions into the game. This means the entire trilogy can be experienced in VR through Hitman 3. The trailer shows footage from several locations: Paris, Sapienza, and Hokkaido in Hitman; Maldives, Colombia, Hawke’s Bay, and Miami in Hitman 2; and Dubai and Dartmoor from Hitman 3.

Of course, the game is also releasing on PlayStation 5, but that version won’t have PSVR support. This is because PSVR experienced complications while working natively with any games or apps on this console. If you want to experience VR on PS5, you’ll need to play the PS4 version—included for free—and use backwards compatibility. Those who only want to buy one version of the game have a couple of options. Firstly, you can purchase the PS5 edition and this will include a free digital PS4 version regardless of whether you buy the game on disc or digitally. Alternatively, you can buy the PS4 version that comes with a free PS5 upgrade.

HITMAN 3 is due to be released on January 20, 2021. Those who preorder the game on either platform will receive the Trinity Pack with three extra outfits for Agent 47. Alternatively there’s a Deluxe Edition that comes with a digital soundtrack, The World of Hitman digital book, director commentary mission introductions, deluxe Escalations, and more deluxe suits and items.