Hitman 3’s February 2021 Roadmap Brings New Escalations, Featured Contracts, and the First Elusive Target

The Initiation Protocol has begun in Hitman 3. February will bring along a whole month of new content for owners of both the standard edition of the game and the Deluxe Edition, including Escalations, Featured Contracts, and the game’s first Elusive Target. Backing up the developer’s promise to reimagine existing locations, they all take place on the maps from the latest title with the exception of the Elusive Target, which brings back a location from Hitman.

The month’s content begins with the first of two Escalations released just yesterday for all players. The Baskerville Barney takes players back to Dartmoor. Every single member of the Carlisle family has to be killed, but the catch is they must all die through accidents. The Sinbad Stringent then heads to Dubai on February 18. This time your targets are boxes, so you’ll need plenty of kitchen knives. IO Interactive didn’t reveal why Agent 47 is spending his time destroying cardboard, but there’s sure to be a valid reason.

Two new Featured Contracts will be released throughout the month, one from MinnMax and the other from KindaFunny. The first of these begins on February 11 in Dubai. Do you like bananas? Good, you’re going to need them. Two weeks later on February 25, Dartmoor is the location for what looks to be a high-calibre shoot-out with as many security guards as physically possible. You can see for yourself in the trailer below.

Only Deluxe Edition owners will get access to two Deluxe Escalations and their exclusive unlocks arriving on February 23. The first is The Proloff Parable where Agent 47 becomes the White Shadow in the Carpathian Mountains. Armed with just a white Katana and a white Sieger 300 sniper rifle, players have to be quick to complete the mission in time. On the other hand, The Gauchito Antiquity takes place in the much warmer climes of the Mendozan winery. Dressed in the bright orange Guru Suit, players have to poison all of their targets with emetic poison before taking them out while they’re affected by it. They’ll have the Guru’s pen syringe emetic and emetic grenade to help them.

On the same day as the Deluxe Escalations, the game’s monthly update will be released and will include bug fixes and tweaks. More details will be revealed at a later date, although IO did hint that it’ll mean players can “make sure you’re prepared for what’s still to come”.

Finally, the month ends with the game’s first Elusive Target on February 26. The Deceivers have arrived in Sapienza and both will need to be eliminated. Players will still have very little help from their HUD or Agent 47’s instinct, but there will be some changes to this mode that will also be revealed at a later date. This contract will be available until March 8 so you won’t have too much time to pit your wits against these two targets.

[Source: IO Interactive]