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Hitman 3 DLC Will Reimagine Existing Locations, Not Add Whole New Maps

IO Interactive may well be looking forward to creating a new title in the James Bond universe, but that doesn’t mean they’re finished with Hitman 3. According to TheGamer, the game will be getting DLC but it won’t be in the form of new maps. Instead, the team is looking to reimagine existing locations.

Executive producer Forest Swartout Large said the team are continuously working on Hitman, and there will be post-launch patches to come. He also confirmed the team is “definitely going to be doing some DLC” but they “haven’t defined what that is.” They definitely won’t be looking to create new maps like New York or Haven Island. Instead, they’ll be “looking at using existing locations and reimagining them, twisting them.” The team won’t just be using locations from Hitman 3 either; they’ll be using all of the locations in the entire World of Assassination trilogy.

This should come as no surprise bearing in mind the game’s Deluxe Edition didn’t come with a season pass. It did come with bonus escalation contracts, and there’d be nothing to stop the team from adding more of those. There could also be seasonal events, like Holiday Hoarders in Paris or the Hokkaido Snow Festival.

IO Interactive had already confirmed Elusive Targets would be returning. At the moment there aren’t any of these targets in the game. The mode will stick to the basic rules from Hitman 2 – find the unique target with very little help from the HUD or Agent 47’s Instinct, then eliminate them. Hitman 3 will be getting some changes to the mode, though, and IO Interactive will be revealing those changes at a later date.

Finally, there’s also the potential for more Sniper Assassin missions where players have to eliminate targets and guards without setting off an alarm, all from the safety of a sniper nest. Only three existing maps from Hitman 2 are available in this mode right now, but the inclusion of the mode could indicate that more are coming at a later date. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as IO Interactive confirms their plans for extra content.

[Source: TheGamer]