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Get Festive in the Free Hitman 2 Holiday Hoarders Event

IO Interactive is bringing back the Holiday Hoarders seasonal event for Hitman 2 by making the Paris Legacy location free to download for a limited time. The event goes live on December 18, 2018 and will end early next year on January 8, 2019. Players who already own Hitman 2 can access Holiday Hoarders by downloading Hitman 2’s December update. Others must download the mission from their respective store on consoles or the PC to obtain access.

Of course, it would not be proper seasonal event announcement without the appropriate trailer to accompany it. See how Santa 47 thwarts wrongdoers in the look at Holiday Hoarders below:

The Holiday Hoarders mission places players in the Paris Legacy location, where snowcannons and other holiday-themed objects decorate the level. Agent 47’s objective is simple. He must locate and dispatch two thieves that have gained access into the Sanguine Fashion Show.

For this year’s seasonal event, IO Interactive has added a few new bells and whistles, such as explosive snowballs and the holiday shuriken. Plus, the Santa 47 suit is making its return. Players must complete each of the mission’s various challenges to unlock the costume. After doing so, the coveted Santa 47 suit will become a permanent part of 47’s inventory, meaning players will be able to spread holiday cheer throughout Hitman 2’s many levels.

Hitman 2 recently launched for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One to favorable reviews. Our own review of IO Interactive’s latest praised the content available at launch and the multiplayer options, the latter of which includes Contracts and Ghost Mode.

[Source: IO Interactive]