Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode Introduces 1v1 Assassination Competitions

In a new PlayStation Blog post, developer IO Interactive has announced Ghost Mode, a new 1v1 competitive mode for the upcoming Hitman 2. In this mode, two players will race to eliminate a series of targets, with the first to five points declared the superior assassin.

In Ghost Mode, the two competing players don’t occupy the same space. You chase the same targets in the same location, but you’re each existing in your own instance. However, you can see each others’ “ghosts,” so you’re able to keep tabs on each other. You can see your opponents’ items, what disguise they’re wearing, and how close they are to their targets.

Once a point is scored, the disadvantaged player will then have a small window of time to score their own point before the game moves on. Killing innocents will hurt your score and rushing to get the needed kill won’t necessarily earn the most points either.

During the match, Ghost Crates can be found that grant special items. If you find it first, you can block your opponent from getting the same item.

Ghost Mode will be available when Hitman 2 launches on November 13, 2018. The game will also include Sniper Assassin, which you can get early access to right now if you preorder.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]