Hitman 3 Freelancer

Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode Will Add Risk and Roguelike This Spring

Hitman 3 will get a second year of content that includes a brand new roguelike Freelancer mode. The single-player mode will mean players have to plan ahead and stock up on the right equipment or face losing it all on an unsuccessful mission. The mode will be added to Hitman 3 this spring.

Does Freelancer include new locations?

Freelancer mode is centered around a brand new customisable Safehouse map that Agent 47 can call his own. As players complete contracts in this mode, they’ll unlock more areas of the Safehouse and more items that can be used to customise those areas. There’ll be a wardrobe to try on all of Agent 47’s outfits, and a firing range to test weapons. However, the Safehouse also serves a practical purpose.

Agent 47 no longer has the assistance of the ICA and needs to do his own planning before he begins a mission. Accessed from the Safehouse, the mission hub is where players can see all of the available Freelancer campaigns. Each of these focuses on a criminal enterprise that must be taken down across several missions in different locations. The missions can be completed in any order, although the final mission will always include the Leader of the enterprise regardless of the chosen location. Once they’re eliminated, Agent 47 receives his reward and returns to the Safehouse.

Each of the existing campaign missions have been switched up to fit the new mode. They have new NPCs, such as Suppliers that can provide weapons and consumable items. On the other hand, other NPCs will snitch on you to the Leaders while rival assassins will try to steal your thunder. There will also be safes and stashes to find. However, failure means Agent 47 will lose his gear. If his equipment doesn’t return to the Safehouse with Agent 47, it is lost forever. Suppliers can help to restock those items, including the rarer weapon rewards.

Will Hitman 3 get a brand new map?

A new map, currently with a working title of “Rocky”, will be released later in the year. Details on the map are very scarce but we did get the briefest of glimpses at a night-time location with a rope bridge spanning a deep river gorge.

Hitman 3 Rocky

Before everything else, though, Year 2 will begin with Elusive Target Arcade. This new game mode will change the Elusive Target formula and make them available permanently. Now Agent 47 will receive an Arcade Contract that includes multiple Elusive Targets that have to be completed one after the other. Those thinking they can just repeat their Silent Assassin run from before will find there are additional complications in your way. Failed Arcade Contracts can be retried, but players need to wait for 12 hours before they can do so.

Elusive Target Arcade will launch on January 20 and will have three Arcade contracts to start. The “Ellipses Arcade Contract” will include targets from Hitman 3 locations Dartmoor, Berlin, and Dubai. The two other contracts will feature locations from Hitman and Hitman 2 respectively. As well as new challenges to complete, each contract will offer a new reward too.

Finally, those who have yet to pick up any of the games will benefit from the Hitman Trilogy that’s due to hit the PlayStation Store on January 20. The trilogy will include Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3 for PS5 and PS4, although it’s assumed none of the Deluxe Edition content will be included.

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