Salt and Sanctuary update 1.05

Salt and Sanctuary Update 1.05 Brings Balance Fixes

Ska Studios just put out a new update for their action role-playing game Salt and Sanctuary. Not only does it bring with it some balance changes, it also adds in new languages to the game: Chinese and Korean. Sadly, the Salt and Sanctuary update 1.05 patch notes on PlayStation 4 don’t go into detail on what these balance fixes are.

View the Salt and Sanctuary update 1.05 patch notes below:

  • Minor bug and balance fixes
  • Chinese and Korean languages

For more on the 2D action role-playing title, check out our Salt and Sanctuary review. Here is what reviewer Jowi Girard-Meli had to say about the game when it released on PlayStation 4:

Players who have any experience with Ska Studios’ previous games know that hand-drawn visuals have been a cornerstone of their work. Salt and Sanctuary continues in this tradition, but also has the privilege of taking it in a new direction. While previous art was chaotic, tailor-made for the high-speed action of games like The Dishwasher, this new game’s more deliberate pace allows us more time to stop and absorb the visuals — which is probably why they’re more detailed and intricate than ever before. It’s sort of amazing how their trademark washed-out color schemes and cartoonish character designs remain intact while giving off a completely different (in many ways, more serious) kind of aesthetic vibe than before. Whatever your analysis of the style, though, the most important thing is that it’s absolutely fantastic to look at and lends a real sense of individuality to each of the environments and bosses.

If you’re going to pilfer game concepts and ideas, the Souls series is up there as one of the best franchises to take from. Salt and Sanctuary is fairly shameless in the way it replicates elements from games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but that’s not really a bad thing when you see how it all comes together as a polished and thoroughly enjoyable final product. Sure, it would have been nice to see Ska Studios put a bit more of their own flavor and identity into the project, but let’s be honest — effectively bringing the gorgeous aesthetic and brutal challenge of From Software’s work together with classic 2D side-scrolling is quite an accomplishment of its own, and players will relish the way that marriage instills a sense of retro nostalgia like never before.

Salt and Sanctuary update 1.05 is available now.