Check Out Freddy Krueger in All his Glory in New Dead by Daylight Video

It wasn’t too long ago that it was revealed that Freddy Krueger would be making his way to the world of Dead by Daylight. Now, Behaviour Interactive has released a new trailer for the character, and we get our first look at the menacing, iconic villain.

As you can see from the trailer, now much is really shown, but we do see Krueger walk up to the camera with a smirk before quickly swiping at it with his trademark claws. No word yet on if any maps or gameplay changes will come along with the Freddy Krueger update, but new trophies for the DLC have surfaced that might shine a light on some of his abilities, including being able to pull survivors into “the Dream World.”

For the full list of trophies for the upcoming DLC, check out below:


  • Dream Demon

    In public matches, pull 200 Survivors into the Dream World.
  • Serial Killer

    In public matches, Sacrifice the Obsession 30 times.


  • Adept Nightmare

    In a public match, achieve a merciless victory with The Nightmare using only his 3 unique perks.
  • Looter

    In public matches, complete 100 chest searches.
  • Escaping the Nightmare

    In public matches, open the exit gate 35 times.
  • Adept Quentin

    In a public match, escape with Quentin using only his 3 unique perks.

As you can tell from the trophies, it seems like the gameplay that includes Krueger might feature some changes and nifty stuff that utilizes the abilities of Freddy. We’ll have more on this as more information releases.

Dead by Daylight is available now.