Destiny 2 Weekly and Daily Reset Time Change Coming for All Regions

If you’re an avid Destiny player, then you’ll be familiar with the early morning resets for activities, landing either at 1 or 2 AM Pacific (depending on the status of Daylight Savings Time). I often remember waiting up until those hours, or frantically trying to cram a week’s worth of gaming into a single night to beat the clock. Monday nights were the scramble, and by Tuesday morning, everything was ready to be played again. Of course this doesn’t apply to our overseas readers. Adjusting for time zone, it was really only the Americas that were hit with early morning reset windows.

Owing to not lining up with content release and the beginnings of events, Bungie is changing the weekly and daily Destiny 2 reset times to better coincide with when events and content go live. Make sure to adjust reset time for your own time zone.

Curse of Osiris: Reset Changes
With the release of Curse of Osiris, Ritual Resets will no longer take place at 1 AM Pacific. Starting December 5, resets will occur at 1700 UTC.
Throughout Destiny 1’s lifespan, players would frequently encounter an issue where weekly resets would not always coincide with content releases. This would prevent impacted players from earning new rewards. Countermeasures were taken by disabling activity playlists, but we were unable to prevent every scenario. Additionally, we’re seeking to align the Milestone resets with event availability, such as Trials of the Nine or Iron Banner, to provide a uniform experience for players to follow each week.
The following is a short list of time zone conversions from 1700 UTC. If you do not see your local time below, we advise using an online time zone converter to prepare for the upcoming change.
  • 9 AM PST
  • 12 PM EST
  • 5 PM GMT
  • 9 PM MSK
  • 2 AM JST
  • 4 AM AEDT
  • 6 AM NZDT
Stay tuned to for future Support updates regarding the Curse of Osiris and the start of Season 2, releasing on December 5, 2017.
The reset changes apply to both weekly and daily resets, so this will impact everything from when you can run the Nightfall and Raid again, to when Xur shows up on Fridays. The change isn’t coming until December 5, so you’ve still got a few weeks at the current Destiny 2 reset times.
If you missed the news yesterday, Bungie announced that a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X update will be released on December 5 to add HDR and 4k support. This is the same day as the launch of the Curse of Osiris expansion, which will be detailed in a series of live streams this month. We’ll have coverage as more is revealed.
[Source: Bungie]