Those That Preorder Okami HD Will Get Two Custom PS4 Themes

Those that preorder Okami HD will get a nifty gift from Capcom. The publisher announced on their Capcom Unity blog that those that preorder will get access to two dynamic PS4 themes. Each of the different themes show off different artwork relating to the gorgeous title. It’s important to note that these themes are exclusive to those that preorder the upcoming remaster digitally through the PlayStation Store.

There are two separate dynamic PS4 themes called Okami and Providence. The former theme is comprised of new key art made for this HD rerelease, and has some nifty effects added. Meanwhile, “Providence” displays several “stunning pieces of artwork inspired by traditional Japanese paintings.”

Check out the video showing off the “Okami” theme below:

Additionally, there’s a video showing off the “Providence” theme:

Okami was first released for PlayStation 2 in 2006, then ported to Wii in 2008. A HD remaster was then released on PlayStation 3 in 2012, but it was a digital-only title in the West. Capcom bringing Okami HD to PS4 and Xbox One wouldn’t be surprising, as the company has (successfully) re-released several games for the consoles. Most recently Capcom released Resident Evil Revelations on  PlayStation 4, and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will arrive on Sony’s newest console on October 3.

For more on Okami HD, check out our review. Here’s what we had to say about the PS3 version:

When this game was created on the PlayStation 2, pausing the game mid-fight to allow you to position the cursor and draw lines/shapes made sense, and helped compensate for the sluggishness of drawing lines and shapes with an analog stick. But in today’s games, such actions would likely play out in real time; your paintbrush cursor would stay on-screen at all times, allowing you to slash and stroke at will, all the while maintaining immersion in the wonderful world of Nippon. The Move helps to create more accurate paint strokes, but it isn’t nearly as satisfying as it could be. To top things off, you lose control of the game’s camera when using the Move. This is really the only blemish on the otherwise outstanding high-definition remaster of Okami.

Some PlayStation Move gripes aside, Okami HD should still be on any gamer’s purchase list. The true vision of the creators has seemingly been realized, in glorious 1080p high definition. Everything looks great, and the game still plays well. If you haven’t yet played this captivating, artful title, you owe yourself the service. For only $19.99, a wondrous adventure awaits.

Okami HD releases December 12, 2017 for $19.99

[Source: Capcom Unity blog]