Belgian Gaming Commission is Investigating if Loot Boxes in Star Wars Battlefront II are Considered Gambling

The Star Wars Battlefront II debate continues to rage on, and now it looks like it will continue to, as one government organization seems to be investigating the game and its loot box system.

According to VTM News, the Belgian Gaming Commission – which helps regulate all gambling in the country – is now investigating whether or not loot crates in the game should be categorized as gambling. Peter Naessens – the Director of the commission – says that if the ability to succeed in the game is dependent on the outcome of randomness, such as a loot box, the commission will have to consider it a game of chance. According to Naessens, if it indeed is deemed to be a game of chance, the game must obtain a permit from the Gaming Commission.

This is a fairly shocking development in a story that started last week when it was revealed that unlocking characters in the upcoming shooter took ridiculous amounts of time. Now, if the commission does find the game to be one of chance, EA might have to pay fines or see the game removed from shelves until it obtains a permit.

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DICE needs to untangle monetization and progression, keeping any elements that give players an advantage in battle away from real world money. Progression should feel like a reward for playing the game, not paying the game. It’s disappointing that this conversation needs to surround such an amazing title. Star Wars Battlefront II is an insanely fun and full featured experience no matter which corner of the galaxy or era of the story you go to. The Star Wars authenticity can be felt throughout, but blatantly predatory microtransactions are a blight, force choking the life out of what is otherwise one of my favorite games this year.

[Source: VTM News via Ryan Brown]