The Latest Surviving Mars Trailer Showcases How Resources Work in the Game

Today, Paradox Interactive has revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Surviving Mars to go along with a new developer diary that was posted on the forums for the game.

The trailer (above) gives us a great look at some of what we can expect from the upcoming space simulation game, but the developer diary is where we get a ton of new details. Boian Spasov – one of the developers over at Haemimont Games – broke down a ton of what players can expect when the game launches, some of which can be seen below:

When creating the resource system, we had three major design goals in mind

Resources feel scarce – Surviving Mars is a city-builder, but it has a strong survival element. It felt right to make resource depletion and scarcity a constant problem that you will face. The decisions where to land your first rocket and where to expand require some careful planning. Scanning for new resources is important. Finding a rich deposit is a cause for celebration. Failure to secure a certain resource is a much bigger problem than in the typical game of the genre – it can even spell out the end of the entire colony. As a last-ditch effort, buildings and vehicles may be salvaged to reuse some of their construction resources in order to survive a critical situation.

There’s a ton of other information to be found over at the Paradox forums, including information on other materials in the game function, how advanced resources work, and how to construct and make power sources for when you want to begin upgrading your colony.

Surviving Mars is currently slated for a 2018 release.