Latest LawBreakers Update Adds Boss Leagues Season 0 Rewards, Check Out the Patch Notes

LawBreakers might not boast an impressive player count but that doesn’t discourage developer Boss Key Productions from regularly updating its first-person shooter. The game’s latest update, patch 2.1, is now live and comes with a number of improvements alongside Boss Leagues Season 0 rewards.

You can find the patch notes below:

  • Season Rewards added for Boss Leagues Season 0.

  • These rewards can be redeemed on November 30.

  • Various Boss League UI fixes.

  • Battle Medic Low Fuel issue fixed.

  • Enforcer’s Aerator Max Damage per hit lowered from 25 → 23.

  • “We’ve reduced the Enforcer’s ability to shred targets at close range by reducing the maximum damage output per shot on Aerator. Enforcer players should look to work in their Badger at mid to close range to maximize damage output.”

  • Gateway collision issues fixed.

  • Gateway exploits fixed.

The studio also noted that Boss Leagues Season 0 ends on November 30, and that’s when you’ll be able to redeem your silver weapon skin provided that you finished your placement matches. “We are also phasing out the Blitzball Stash Drops on November 30, so get those All-Star Skins while you can,” they wrote in a forum post.

You can watch a video explaining the update above.

For more on LawBreakers, make sure to check out our review. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler Wood praised the game for being well-balanced, but felt that it could have benefited from character tutorials.

In terms of exciting moments and fun, varied competitive combat, LawBreakers has a great lock on what makes players want to play, both from the fast-paced competitive side and the specialized character side. While it could do with more in the way of tutorials to teach players how to play, it does an excellent job of balancing each match to feel immediate and competitive, while also keeping the cadence that makes some of the slower multiplayer games more fun to play.

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