Arika Details Fighting EX Layer Beta Plans, Regional Availability, and More

Following its announcement of an open beta for Fighting EX Layer, Arika has provided further details about the test, including when and where it’ll be available.

The developer has said that although the release date is December 11 in North America and December 12 in Europe and Japan, the beta will only be playable once it’s available for download in all three regions. As a result, there may be a gap of up to 24 hours due to different time zones. Unfortunately, the test won’t be available in Asia (unless you create an account in a different region).

Head over to Arika’s Facebook page for a full list of countries that’ll be able to partake in the beta in each of the aforementioned regions. Do note that you’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership as the main focus is on online matches.

Other important information to note is as follows:

Legacy controllers support will not be in the beta version.

-We are currently in talks with Legacy Controller driver companies.

-At the current time, if we add Legacy Controller support then certain PS4 Arcade Controllers suffer lag; since our focus is on testing Online Matches, this lag will make our results inaccurate so we decided to refrain this time.

-We are working on adding Legacy Controller support to the finished version.

PS4 and PS4 will have different texture resolutions

-They both will output 1080p to TV’s.

-PS4 will output “720p Shader Level 2” 1080p.

-PS4 Pro will output 1080p Shader Level 3.

An experiment that resulted from balancing

-We are testing a system in this Beta Test, where characters become easier or more difficult to hit depending on how big or small the opponent is.

Example: Kairi’s Mouryoukasen has 3 different hit styles depending on the opponent.

-Now certain moving moves will cause an unexpected blowback on hit, this is because of our Vector movement and is something we are focusing on adjusting for the final version.

Don’t miss it…

-If you land the “Darun Catch” move while his back is turned…

We are thinking about how to fix this for the final version.

At the end of next week, we are planning on announcing details on a Max Combo Contest for the Beta.

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[Source: Arika EX (Facebook)]