New The King of Fighters XIV DLC Stage and Character Announced

SNK has announced that a new DLC character and stage are coming to The King of Fighters XIV! The character may seem familiar, as Najd was the winner of SNK’s character design contest and was revealed earlier this month. The stage is called the Masmak Fort Arena, and has a nice Arabic theme.

Here’s a look at the new stage, courtesy of Siliconera:

king of fighters 14 dlc 1

We learned more about the new character, Najd, earlier in the month. Here’s more about her:

The design of the “Abaya” makes her movement very easy. She wears a pair of modern design long leather gloves and boots to decrease damage, and the appearance of her skin while fighting.

She also wears “Hejab” (veil) on her head, but sometimes it falls down while fighting or making a strong move and she will put it back fast on her head after that. She also wears jewelry and a golden belt decorated with blue stones.

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SNK has brought it back in a big way, though, as The King of Fighters XIV features a ton of characters and modes. It’s a content rich game in a genre that has been constantly trying to reinvent itself with different pay models and structures. In many ways, it feels like the antithesis of 2016’s biggest fighting game, Street Fighter V.

While SFV launched without key features (and still lacks genre standards such as versus play against the computer and an arcade mode), there is no doubt that The King of Fighters XIV is a finished package. It has a roster of 50 characters that range from beloved regulars like Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi to fantastic new additions like Antonov, a gigantic Russian billionaire who buys the right to the King of Fighters tournament and is hosting the latest incarnation. All of these characters can be used in a wide range of modes both online and offline.

The King of Fighters XIV is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: Siliconera]