These Street Fighter Transformers Are Hitting Stores Next Year

If you’re a fan of the Street Fighter series as well as Transformers, then Japan has something right up your alley. Coming in May 2018, you will be able to buy officially licensed Transformers that actually transform into iconic Street Fighter characters.

Characters Ken, Ryu, Vega (the Japanese name for M. Bison), and Chun-Li will get the Transformer makeover, with their likeness being turned into cars from the Thrilling 30 and Titans Returns class of Transformers. The Chun-Li figure comes packed in an Arcee from Thrilling 30 and comes packaged with Ken in a Titans Return Hot Rod. The two-pack will be priced at 8,640 yen (~$77).

When it comes to Ryu, he’s packaged in the Titans Return version of Optimus Prime, and Vega (M. Bison) is the Megatron of the group. Their two-pack will be a bit more expensive, clocking in at 12,960 yen (~$115). Both two-packs will be available in stores (in Japan) sometime in May 2018, so start saving up if you want to get your hands on one.

On the gaming front, Street Fighter V recently just got some new costumes announced, with a Holiday and Nostalgia pack coming to the game early next month:

The Holiday costumes, which you can find in the gallery below, give Kolin, Alex, Menat, Cammy, Chun-Li, Karin, Balrog, and Birdie new costumes on November 29. There are 10 new costumes in total, and along with the new batch of outfits, last year’s Holiday costumes for Juri, Laura, Zangief, Karin, Ken, R. Mika, and the Frosty Boulevard Stage will be available for purchase again as part of the 2016 Holiday Pack. The pack will be 50% off as a special thank you to the fighters around the world.

Street Fighter V is available now.

[Source: The AllSpark]