First Gameplay Trailer of Platformer Epic Loon Revealed

The first gameplay trailer of Epic Loon has been revealed, and the platformer appears to be an interesting endeavor! You and up to three friends take control of a number of creatures as they take over classic movies and destroys them. Epic Loon is set to release by the end of the year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here is the first Epic Loon gameplay trailer:

Developers Macrales Studio also provides more about Epic Loon‘s plot and features:

Get a sneak peek behind the curtain for indie game Epic Loon! They were locked away in stasis, hidden from the human world, in an antiquated piece of obsolete entertainment tech known as a VHS cleaner tape. Their restful prison, where they would remain until the end of time, was foolproof.

But thanks to a greedy shop owner and an analog cinephile named Joe, those mischievous creatures not of this world were free once more. They would make Joe pay for disturbing their slumber.

Become the alien. Invade Joe’s prized film collection. Dodge his remote-controlled attacks as you destroy that which he most cherishes.

Be gross. Be evil. Be EPIC.


  • A retro couch party game experience
  • A tribute to the beloved movies of the 80-90’s : Godzilla, Nosferatu, Jurrasic Park, Alien… You’ll play in parodies of famous movies of the 80-90’s, in scenes that it’s possible to recognize if you’re a movie fan.
  • A user friendly gameplay, simple to learn but with a real challenge for every type of players thanks to the different games mode : Story, Speedrun, Hardcore and Battle
  • More than 350 levels to master
  • An original soundtrack composed by the famous Rococo core band, Pryapisme

Epic Loon will release Q4 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Macrales Studio]